Sitemap - 2022 - Truthloving

Yahtzee 🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲

Venture Altruism

Beating the Final Boss of Philosophy

Believing = Trusting

Ideamarket2.0...3.0? anyway, 🚀

Binocular epistemology

Faith and Reason

Understanding is like loving

Moral law > Fear of truth

The rush-hour cross

Moral traffic waves

Mimetic truth-seeking

NYT = centrally-planned knowledge economy

Seek value, not authority

Interview with Justin Murphy

"I'll never believe x"

Epistemology = strategies for separating truth and falsehood

Morality and knowledge are inseparable

Immorality makes us *pretend* to want truth


When not to be smart

Morality is our epistemic immune system

The Black Knight of the Soul

The secret ingredient

The economy of absolution

Liars are easy to control

Honesty is a privilege

The Passion of the... You

Stupid Lives Matter

Let them believe cake

How to fight fashion

"Fashion" vs "Status"

Mortification of the intellect

Psycho-economics 102

Truth vs Fashion

The shape of propaganda

Psycho-economics 101

How to start a fashion trend

Discovering truth >>> Avoiding error

Ignore the thoughts, feel the sensations

The Bowling Principle

Don't judge an argument by its conclusion

What's the goal?

MemeVC: School shootings

Where 'freedom of thought' is won

Load-bearing beliefs

Emotional architecture, part 2

Emotional architecture

Pumping Iron, epistemically speaking



Make an irrational list

Pain makes us stupid

The desire to not understand

Pain creates preference

2,000 ways your brain is phoning it in

When it's okay to be Hitler

Naked hooligans for justice

Being wrong is painless

The Dog Poop Principle

Trucker epistemology

Velocity first.

Preference for delusion

How to Improve your Rhythm (for non-musicians)

Throws from the outfield

Quantum Platitudes

Conspiracy theorists iterate.

How to rugpull America for $500

Purity of heart: The ultimate effectiveness hack

How to outsmart "the experts" in any domain