Hi there! I’m Mike.

You might know me from…

I have 3 fascinations —

God, epistemology, and music.

This newsletter has a section on each:

  • Truthloving — The emotional work of rationality. I’m convinced rationality is an emotional achievement. No matter how “smart” we are, if we don’t want truth, we’ll use our intellectual powers to deceive ourselves. And wanting is an emotional matter. We train in critical thinking, rationality, sensemaking — but we don’t train in truth-wanting. This section is half-diary, half-cookbook, from my own journey in learning to want truth more.

  • Pearlclutchers — The Pearlclutchers is a Catholic rock band I’m starting, named in honor of all the pious ladies who tried to warn us about the devil's incursion into pop culture over the last century. The pearlclutchers were right, everyone else was wrong. To support our music, we also make “demon-proof” shirts featuring beautiful public domain art.

  • Meditations — Experiments in putting Catholic theology into practice.

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PS — My 90-second origin story:

(And if you want to know me uncomfortably well, read my spiritual ‘life story.’)


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The emotional work of rationality