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Nov 29, 2022Liked by Mike Elias

There's some good wisdom there, and I agree with most of your points. Everyone should reflect on their life, the things they've done and didn't do, and judge themselves as they would judge their own child: with concern, with criticisms, and most of all with love and without an expectation of perfection.

I personally don't believe you need God to do that. I am an atheist, and I am able to look at my past failures without mourning a life wasted. I can see value in my life even if I didn't roll all 6's.

Where I disagree is that I don't need to have my life reinterpreted as a perfect Yahtzee to keep going. Maybe that's not what you meant to say here with your metaphor, but just to play with it a bit, I'd say the problem isn't that we look at our actions and see a bad score - it's that we treat our life as if the point is to get a winning roll. The problem isn't the score, but the scorecard mentality.

I know, you're just playing with a metaphor, and I don't think your vision doesn't extend beyond it. I just wanted to play back. Thanks for this piece!

We're listless, promiscuous,

And life to us is either hit or miss, oh yeah.

- Bad Religion, Part IV (The Index Fossil)

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