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I model him as almost a nation-state, with all the good and bad you'd expect this to imply, thus imagine he faces similar incentives and limitations regarding public UFO-related activities. I'm surely reading a lot of fake news about him, but he's surely demonstrating despicable dishonest behavior regularly. I've also heard that Timothy Taylor is his handler, someone who should absolutely be testifying under oath regardless.

This is a great piece, but I think it's core weakness is conflating high military technology with an Earth system ostensibly far predating it. I won't touch on lost tech or breakaway civilizations, or write them off, but it stands to reason USG has tech, and my impression is various science disciplines indicate something else also exists. Something along the lines of wacky quantum luminous biomorphic plasmoids, theologically interpretable as a spacecraft full of psychic people. Don't even worry about ontology or sentience.

Wouldn't a system like this offer nation-states and comparable actors underappreciated opportunities/incentives for related technological developments? And wouldn't there be a host of reasons to occult/compartmentalize/withhold that science from the public? When you know the most about it, nobody can reliably discern between you and the plasmoids, or the spacecrafts full of psychic people.

AARO ostensibly knows about USG metal spheres, for instance, and ostensibly wants us thinking they're the same as foo fighters. Microbiology would've been in a similar predicament to UFOlogy, I think, had compartmentalized bioweapons been used as spiritual blackmail for decades.

A lot has happened since Nov 2021 though, so in private or public, I'm fascinated to hear your current thoughts, scientifically and/or theologically.

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